According to the characteristics of chicken embryo development, hatching has two key periods: 1 to 7 embryos and 18 to 21 embryos. In the hatching operation, it is necessary to create the hatching conditions suitable for the embryo development in both periods as much as possible. 1. Insulation in

Natural Drying The ground drying method will dry the harvested pasture either in situ or in a relatively dry place. The harvested pasture is usually dried for 4 hours to 6 hours. After the moisture is reduced to about 40%, the grass is used to dry the grass and the moisture is reduced to about 35%.

Characteristics of the variety The main trunk is gray-brown and the skin is rough. Perennial branches pale brown. The annual branch is red-brown. Strong tree vigor, large tree crown, high bud rate, strong branching ability. The result of 4 to 5 years of saplings is dominated by the results of short

Guangxi Yulin Medicine Market December 30th News Flash Azalea faced new production, market prices began to decline, the market price of the decoction pieces was 11-12 yuan. Yamauchi began to produce new products, selling more merchants, and selling goods at market prices of 18-20 yuan. S

Founded in 2000, Semrock Inc. is a manufacturer of high-end filters for biotechnology and analytical instrumentation, including: fluorescence filters, Raman filters, laser filters, and microscope filters. Semrock uses ion beam sputtering to produce hard-film filters that offer breakthrough performa

In winter and spring, vegetables are cultivated in facilities. When the outside temperature is lower than the suitable temperature limit for the normal growth of vegetables, it will cause frost damage or cold injury. Now the performance and preventive measures of cold hazards are described below.

Hare is a kind of special wild economic animal with both skin, wool and flesh. It eats all kinds of natural weeds, vegetables, leaves, etc. without pollution. The meat is delicate, mellow, nutritious, and full of game. It is highly favored by consumers. The hare winter management method is introduc