1. Variety selection: There are two varieties of leeks, ie, leafhopper and big leafhopper. The city uses fleshy and dense leafhoppers as main varieties. 2. Cutting propagation: The vegetable pods do not bloom, and they are grown on cuttings every year. Protected cultivation is generally cut in mi

1. Lamb bogey watermelon, the same food will hurt vitality. 2. Dogs avoid green beans, with food poisoning. 3. Rabbit meat bogey celery, with the food can cause hair loss. 4. Chicken avoid celery, with the food will hurt vitality. 5. Brown sugar, avoid eggs, with food poisoning. 6. Onion boge

Drinking two or three drinks has become a fashion. However, according to the latest report of the “Doctor of Network Medicine” network in the United States, “Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research” magazine published a new study in the United States warning that ene

Each food contains different nutrients, so how can it be used to produce the best effect? Thickness Scientific research shows that the proper combination of different types of food and processed products can increase its physiological value. After processing, grains often lose some nutrients, es

After the autumn mushrooms are harvested, if no warming measures are taken and the production of winter mushrooms continues, then the mushroom bed will enter the winter management stage. The management of mushroom beds in winter has a great influence on the harvest of spring mushrooms in the coming

Cangzhou Cuiyan, also known as Jinhua Cuiyan, has historically been known as “Congfu Bijiao” and “Cangzhou Bijiao”. Because of its tea soup color, such as green tea, hence the name; lifting rock, said that due to the origin of the peak stone exquisite, giant rock overlap, l

I. Pond requirements. Tongshui has sufficient water resources, good water quality, and convenient drainage and drainage. The area is generally 3~5 mu. The pool pool should have a certain slope, and in order to avoid the escape of crayfish burrows, the pool pool width should be more than 1.5 meters