"Fire Beauty" takes Run as the first Winter is a season that is easy to get angry. “Large fire” is a term for traditional Chinese medicine. It is an internal fever that occurs after the yin and yang are imbalanced in the human body. If there is dry throat pain, red eyes, red

Lu'an Guai is a treasure of China's famous tea. It is brewed with a glass of Liu'an melon. It has a unique flavor and rich aftertaste. However, it is particularly important as a technique for making tea with famous tea. Good tea, good water, proper temperature, and skillful skills can

The pepper grows for a long period, but the roots are underdeveloped, the roots are small, the soil is shallow, the drought is not tolerant to drought, and the fertilizer-resistant ability is strong. Pepper is a type of vegetable with a large amount of fertilizers. It requires about 5.19 kg of nit

Longan is a nutrient-rich food, but it is a "forbidden fruit" for pregnant women. The doctor believes that the longan is warm, sweet, and Gan Wen can easily help the fire and move the fetus. After eating, pregnant women are prone to cause qi balance and cause miscarriage or premature del

What should I do if there is no peak period in layer? The form of expression is usually reduced by high temperature intake, low temperature intake, no other chicken symptoms, and large groups of chickens are normal. The best egg increase measures used are the following: (1) Increase feed nutrient

Banana bogey and sweet potato, taro, potatoes, sweet potatoes with food. Bananas must not be eaten with milk and poisoned. Bananas cannot be eaten with sour milk and are prone to carcinogens. Don't eat watermelon and bananas at night will diarrhea. Bananas must not be eaten with potatoes.

Old vinegar, with the characteristics of the general vinegar acid alcohol, strong flavor, long taste and other characteristics, at the same time, also has a fragrant, cotton, non-precipitation characteristics. In addition, the longer the acid storage time, the more sour and sour, and the human ta