Modern medicine has confirmed that diet is the best treatment for insomnia, superior to sleeping pills, and has no side effects. Use food to treat insomnia Introduce the number for trial: (1) One tablespoon of vinegar, pour it into a glass of cold boiled water, and sleep hypnoticly and sleep sw

One, windproof After the autumn and warm season, the temperature difference between day and night gradually increased after August and September. Although the temperature during the day stayed high, it was a breezy night. Therefore, when the fall comes, windproof work is very important. Summer i

Just after the beginning of autumn, although it is still summer, the women who will maintain care have begun to pay attention to how to maintain the autumn. The skin of women of different ages is different, and there are different methods of maintenance in autumn. In the autumn, the lack of moistu

In June 2011, a female patient with pulmonary infection and dyspnea was admitted to the National Institutes of Health hospital and was quickly diagnosed with Klebsiella pneumoniae, which is resistant to multiple antibiotics. During hospitalization, the hospital used the most stringent measures to p

On the occasion of autumn and winter, glutinous rice glutinous rice glutinous rice flour becomes a delicious and delicious food on people's table. The taro is commonly known as miracidia and wolfberry. It belongs to the Araceae family and is a perennial herb. Shantou, as a vegetable or a whole

Many studies have shown that in patients with hypothyroidism, the metabolism of androgens may be affected, resulting in symptoms of low libido and decreased sexual function. This affects both men and women, and seaweed is making up for its deficiency. In addition, seaweed foods are also rich in z

Meat and staple foods can be hot Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are called heat-producing nutrients. Therefore, the intake of staple foods and oils can be appropriately increased during this period of time to ensure the supply of high-quality protein and allow the body to generate heat. And mu