Apple's management after Xie Hua mainly has the following work:

First, the principle o

When the temperature of the solar greenhouse is too low, the eggplant often appears pods, and

First, look at the lyrical feed. Overweighted geese fed a lot of fat around the ovary and fall

Broilers have the characteristics of rapid growth, strong disease resistance, good meat qualit

There are two types of carambola: first, sweet and crisp, suitable for fresh or can be process

Botrytis cinerea mainly damages flowers and fruits, and it damages leaves and stems. The disea

The vines in greenhouses can evenly distribute the leaves, maintain the reasonable lighting po

The higher the market price of vegetables, the higher the market price. Many vegetable farmers

The stem ax

Shortcomings of gate val

Orchard hole storage and fertilizer technology is simple, with the characteristics of fertiliz

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