In order to ensure the quality of flowers, further improve the landscape effect, and provi

At present, the apple young fruit period is a critical period of the year's management

Q: Wangong Township, Tiefu Township, Qixian County: The weeds along the edge of the crab p

How does aquaculture regulate water quality?

It is often nec

1. The selection of Macrobrachium rosenbergii in ponds requires high dissolved oxygen. Therefo

Insect net selection is an anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and other chemical additives of hi

First, feeding and management during brooding

1. Prepare the chicks for thorough d

The research of microecological preparations in China started late, but developed rapidly. Man

Green pepper virus disease is one of the major diseases in the production of green peppers

Peach tree scab is a common disease on peach trees. It mainly damages the fruits and also harm

1, Garlic: 20 to 30 grams of garlic flaps into a mud, add 10 kilograms of water to stir, t

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