Clenbuterol incident hits pig industry

Jiyuan Shuanghui lean meat sampling rate and the provisions of the difference of 10 times in hot pot, tofu, eggs and other problems in succession, people have always been more comfortable eating Shuanghui sausage was also found to contain lean meat extract, although it is only in a certain Local rather than national, but this is enough to prove the regulatory loopholes in the food industry. At the same time, the whole pig industry has also been greatly affected after the clenbuterol incident.

The regulatory loophole was startling. Since 1997, various departments in the country have banned the use of "Clenbuterol," and regulatory crackdowns have continued to increase. However, according to incomplete statistics, from 1999 to 2005, a total of 2,455 people in China were poisoned by eating pork.

Due to the special chemical nature of "lean meat essence", low production technology threshold and lagging upgrading of China's animal husbandry industry, it has provided breeding grounds for the illegal production, sales, and use of "lean meat essence" interests; coupled with weak supervision, domestic The "segmented, long" supervision system of "lean meat essence" has a large loophole.

Wang Zhixiang, a professor at Henan Agricultural University, said that there are many types of "lean meat extracts," and a quick and convenient urine test can only detect one type of "lean meat extract." At the same time, most of the "clenbuterol" can be excreted through metabolic decomposition. Residual toxic substances generally exist in the internal organs of meat animals, and urine tests are generally not detected.

Wang Zongli, deputy director of the Animal Husbandry Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, admits that the occurrence of this incident has exposed loopholes in the supervision of livestock products. According to the personnel of the investigation team of the Ministry of Agriculture, the lack of staffing, personnel, equipment, and funds in grassroots departments for inspection and quarantine of livestock products was also exposed during this incident, which also directly led to the dereliction of duty and malfeasance of some staff members.

According to Chen Xiaomian, director of the Bureau of Livestock Husbandry of Jiyuan City, pigs are divided into departments such as livestock husbandry, commerce, industry and commerce, food and drug supervision, and public security, and are involved in various aspects of breeding, slaughtering, distribution, sales, and related case detection. Supervision. According to theory, as long as a problem is found in one link, the outflow of unsafe foods can be blocked. However, in real-time supervision, “chain disconnection” often occurs among various departments. On the one hand, there is not tight convergence of supervision responsibilities, such as breeding and slaughtering. There is no clear regulation on where the live pig acquisition and transportation links are managed; on the other hand, the downstream regulatory authorities cannot effectively remedy the upstream regulatory loopholes, causing some unsafe foods to “put all the way” to the people’s table. According to Cao Lianyou, general manager of Jiyuan Shuanghui Food Co., Ltd., the proportion of self-inspection of “lean meat essence” prescribed by the Ministry of Agriculture is 3% to 5%, and our actual inspection ratio is 4.5%. Because if the proportion of self-checking is too high, it will affect normal production.

Shuanghui Group Chairman Wan Long told reporters that starting from the 16th, Shuanghui Group in all branches of the country, all of the "lean meat essence" from sampling to "head inspection." Shuanghui slaughtered a pig with a profit of 50 yuan, and the testing cost per pig was at least 30 yuan. With this alone, the cost would increase by more than 400 million yuan.

After the impact of the “lean meat essence” incident on the pig industry, multi-information shows that the pig industry in Henan and even the whole country has suffered tremendous impacts: Problems Pig farms are on the verge of bankruptcy, some of the normal farms are slow-moving, the consumer market is shrinking, and some areas are shrinking. The price of live pigs dropped by 0.9 to 1 yuan per kilogram. Consumer distrust is also increasing. According to the calculation of relevant departments, it is expected that Shuanghui Group will lose more than 10 billion yuan. The price of live pigs in some areas of Henan Province has dropped for a while. Mengzhou, Fuyang, Wenxian, and Chengjia have encountered difficulties in selling pigs.

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