The main pests that damage the autumn cabbage are: aphids, cabbage caterpillars, diamondback m

Some sows have little or no milk for several days after giving birth, which directly affects t

Scientific and effective treatment of municipal solid waste Municipal

Release d

The management of the mushroom house from the formation of pellicles to the mushroom growth st

(1) Determine the appropriate sowing date and time for planting In Shandong Province of China,

From pigeon pairing to spawning, after 10 days to 12 days. When the first egg is produced,

Chase fertilizer material. Fertilization is the need to fertilize water quality, cultivate

I. Farming mode Production practice has proved that the family is based on 1 female labor forc

Hog growth rate

The period of 70-180 days is the fastest growing period for hogs,

1, broodstock selection

The broodstock can be selected from September to October i

The Zhejiang Provincial Agricultural Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Pro

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