Recently, the author went to ethnic mountainous area tobacco research. Many smoke technici

First press 2 meters wide, east-west direction is good (to facilitate the winter wind barr

Man-made or improper technology causes fallen leaves that are caused by mistakes in the te

Accumulation at the end of the season Because there is less precipitation in winter and sp

The compound feed is a diet containing various nutrients according to the needs of differe

Recently, some farmers came to the plant protection station to inquire about the reasons f

The aquaculture environment includes the atmospheric environment, fish growth water enviro

The scientific name Delia platura (Meigen) belongs to the order Diptera, Drosophilidae. Al

Error when feeding baby birds

Worry about baby starving and overfeeding. In nature

I. Production technique at the ear stage

1, scientific management of fertilizer: g

First, understand the morphological characteristics and living habits of Musca domestica <

As the pig-raising pattern is raised by one household to the pig-raising professional househol

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