Fruit trees rush to supplement basic fertilizer

At present, to seize the opportunity of the release of public opinion, it is imminent to scramble to apply and supplement fruit tree basal fertilizer. There is a variety of methods that should be used in various places to make up the base fertilizer for fruit trees and apply basic fertilizer.

Use different fertilization methods according to the age of the tree. For young fruit trees, because the root system is not well developed, in order to avoid the saplings, generally, in accordance with the size of the crown, a circular fertilization method is applied at the root. For adult fruit trees, an orchard with good lyrics can be applied deep into the hole or applied with acupuncture points, but the large tree is applied 0.8 meters away from the dense roots to induce new roots to extend outward. Wherever there is experience and conditions, open shoots can be used to fertilize the roots of fruit trees.

Differences in different tree species, growing up determine the amount of fertilizer. Different tree species, growth potential, and soil fertility require different amounts of fertilizer. The output of fruit trees with a long age and high yield is larger, and the application amount of basal fertilizer is greater. Poor soil and low fertility orchards require large amounts of fertilizer and should be applied in multiple ways. Saplings and fertile orchards should be relatively sparse. However, no matter what kind of fruit trees, basal fertilizer should be dominated by organic fertilizer, such as adult grapes, 2000 kg of fruit per mu, should be applied to 4,000 kg of high quality livestock and poultry fertilizer. Adult pear trees can be used to produce 40 to 50 kilograms of mature ash, with 1 kg of phosphate fertilizer, 0.5 kg of potassium fertilizer or 1 kg of compound fertilizer. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the proportion of fertilization, such as peach, every 100 kg of fruit should be applied 0.5 kg of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus 0.3 kg, potassium 0.2 kg. The ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium applied to citrus was 1:0.5:1. In areas where the soil is poor, multi-element complex trace elements must be applied. Only in this way can we achieve scientific fertilization and be economically effective.

Respond to the disaster and grab fertilizer. For an orchard lacking in orchard, organic active liquid fertilizer can be used to apply fertilizer to the trunk. For example, Huimanfeng or Zhuangfuxing active liquid fertilizer per acre can be used to dilute the water by 30 times in 250 ml, and the base of the trunk can be brushed at a distance of 50-100 cm. It is absorbed by fruit trees. It is also possible to use Huimanfeng or Zhuangfuxing Active Liquid Fertilizer 200~300 times liquid to spray on the branches of trees before sprouting, which can exert the effect of compensating fertilizer; second, it can relieve drought. In addition, in the event of a rainy spring rain, it is necessary to grab fertilizer on the orchard ground after the rain, and then grab a plough and plough it deeply, which can also serve as a quick-improving fertilizer.

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