Why does the vagina keep bleeding after the flow of people?

The flow of people is not bad, the medical flow is worth mentioning, is a remedial surgery to take contraceptive failure, and will cause certain damage to the female body, so if you do not want to have children, you must choose the right contraceptive measures.

Already used four test strips, all two red lines, I really pregnant! But I was not happy at all. How did the child come secretly without saying hello? It took me less than a year to work and my husband graduated from graduate school only one year later. We don't have our own house, and we don't have enough tickets. I've been surfing the Internet almost every day, and most importantly, for a week. Before I ate the sea with my husband, I got acute gastroenteritis and used a lot of medicines. I was really scared of computers, and those medicines had an effect on children. What should I do? Do children want or not?

My husband and I ran to the hospital to consult a doctor. The doctor said that the hardest thing to determine is the effect of the drug on the child because each person's sensitivity to the drug is different. The same drug, the same dose, and some pregnant women give birth to The baby is healthy, and some are unhealthy. He asked us to discuss our ideas. But we really don’t know how to deal with this little life that hasn’t started to develop yet: keep it, just got sick, lost fluids, don’t have any influence on your child, if there’s a baby, What defects or disability, how worthy of him? To destroy it, it's really hard to bear. After all, it's a small life. It's the crystallization of our love. Weighing it up and down, we finally decide to let the kids go. My husband took me to the hospital to do painless work and was lying on a cold operating table. I couldn't bear to speak of biting teeth and said in my heart again and again: "My baby, I'm sorry for you."

After the surgery, I only took a day off and I was put into a stressful job. I thought that the following bleeding would soon disappear, but it was all for two weeks. The bleeding continued, and two days later, the bleeding went up again. I was terrified. I quickly asked for leave to go to the doctor. After the doctor examined it, he said that it was blood in the uterine cavity. He gave me a clean uterus and had a few days of drip. Soon, the blood stopped.

Comments: After the placenta was aborted after artificial abortion, the wound left on the uterine wall may have a small amount of bleeding, manifested as a red, pale red discharge within a week, the amount from at least, and gradually stopped, the secretion does not smell, generally Clean within two weeks. Some people have longer bleeding times, Others may have only 2-3 days of bleeding, and some people do not have bleeding. These are normal. If the amount of vaginal bleeding exceeds the amount of menstrual blood, the duration is too long, or the smell of secretions is accompanied by fever, abdominal pain and other symptoms, it is necessary to timely treatment.

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