Kidney bean processing technology

The texture of cowpea is crisp and the water content is not high, so it is suitable for pickling processing. Pickled kidney bean production is more common in China, but most of them come into the market in bulk form. There are not a lot of marinated cowpea products under small brand packaging. Care must be taken during the salting process to ensure the safety of nitrite. During the initial period of pickling, kidney beans produce a large amount of nitrite and have a peak duration. The duration of peak duration is related to the temperature at the time of pickling. At lower temperatures, the peak period appears late, but the peak value is high and the content is high. The nitrite content mainly concentrates in the peak duration, as long as it avoids this period, it is safer to eat. The process flow of marinated cowpea small packaging series products is: raw material harvesting → pretreatment (cleaning, cleaning, etc.) → marinating → dipping bleaching → cutting → flavoring → vacuum packaging → sterilization → cooling → packaging storage. The process of pickling, seasoning and sterilization is the key to the whole process and is the core link to guarantee the quality of preserved kidney beans. In order to maintain the brittleness of marinated kidney beans, substances with hardening effects, such as calcium chloride, may be added during the process of soaking.

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