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Seedlings are saplings with roots and seedlings. Saplings cultivated in nurseries are called seedlings regardless of their age, before being sent out. Seedling types: seedlings, vegetative propagation seedlings, transplanted seedlings, leave bed seedlings.
Types of Seedlings (1) Seedlings seeded with seeds. The seedlings that are cultivated with seeds by human means are called seedlings, and seedlings that grow naturally in the wild mother trees are called wild seedlings. The seedlings have a well-developed root system, and the seedlings grow neatly, robustly and with good quality. The density of wild seedlings is uneven, differentiation is severe, and roots are underdeveloped.
(b) The vegetative propagation seedlings can be divided into:
1, cuttings seedlings: seedlings or interception of tree branches cut seedlings bred seedlings.
2, buried seedlings: dry or seedlings with seedlings, the whole section buried in nursery nursery nursery.
3. Plugging seedlings: Use the roots of trees or seedlings to insert or bury nursery stocks.
4, root seedlings: also known as Liu root seedlings, is the use of underground root eruption of new seedlings bred seedlings.
5. Grafting seedlings: seedlings bred by grafting methods.
6. Beading seedlings: The seedlings that are not detached from the mother's body are buried in soil, or moistened in the air, and the seedlings that are cut off from the mother's body after rooting are formed.
7. Tissue culture seedlings: seedlings that are bred in nutrient fluids using maternal tissues or cells.

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