Nipple water is how is it?

Because the breast is a gland, even if you have never been pregnant, your nipple may flow out of unknown liquids sometimes. Cancer may be a potential cause, but there may be other reasons. In order to prescribe the right medicine, you need to consult your doctor.

What is nipple water?

Unless you are secreting milk, a liquid that seeps through the nipple will be considered a nipple outflow. Milk and non-milk fluids seep from the same nipple, but not only one nipple opening, they may seep through different openings.

Your breasts may have water when squeezed, or they may suddenly seep out of the liquid. The liquid from the nipple may look a little like milk, it may also be yellow, green, brown or even watery. The concentration of effluent from the nipple varies, and may be very low, may be thick, may be very light, and may be watery.

The possibility of nipple outflow increases as you age and as the number of pregnancies increases.

In non-pregnant and non-lactating periods, a liquid spill is called nipple discharge when the nipple is squeezed. Nipple discharge is one of the common symptoms of breast disease.

Doctor's opinion

When you are ready to go to the hospital to check for nipple discharge, you need to prepare a detailed information for the doctor. In particular, here are some of these:

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Normal white garlic, new crop

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