Occurrence Trend of Cotton Locusts in Shanxi Province

According to recent surveys on the overwintering host of cotton aphids and the base number of cotton field locusts, combined with comprehensive analysis of weather forecast and ecological factors, cotton seedling locusts are expected to occur this year in major cotton producing counties such as Fucheng, Yongji, Salt Lake and Linyi in our province. The local plots are heavy. The end of the damage period was in late May and was postponed by 3 to 5 days over the previous calendar year, and it was close to last year. Occurred area of ​​800,000 acres.

Prevention advice:

1. In late May, the seven-spotted ladybugs collected from wheat fields and depressions can be released in the cotton field, which can effectively control the seedling emergence and delay the field application time.

2. In the case of serious damage to cotton aphids due to a few natural enemies, the pesticides that are effective against natural enemies can be selected for use in plots that contain prevention and control indicators (ie, the rate of three-leaf leaf rolling is more than 5% and seedling time is more than 10%). Conduct prevention and treatment. Such as imidacloprid, pymetrozine wettable powder or imidacloprid, butyl mercaptane, and so on. The spray must be uniform, especially the heart and the back; in addition, the dosage should not be arbitrarily increased to avoid phytotoxicity.

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