K0030(96-13) This breed was selected by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences for its v

Pheasant, also known as pheasant, pheasant, colorful feathers gorgeou

The number of premixed species should be selected according to different livestock and pou

The cold weather in winter and spring, the freezing of the soil, and the dry and windy wea

In the winter and spring season, plastic greenhouses are not densely ventilated, and the h

The so-called “Chen Hualiang” refers to food that has been stored in grain sto

Ducks need to constantly absorb more than 40 compounds or chemical elements from the diet

Chicken farmers have been able to control diseases such as chicken cold, coccidiosis, chicken

In the late autumn and early winter, the temperature is often unstable, and the temperatur

The E. coli disease in puppies is an infectious disease of pupae caused by E. coli. It is

With the development of the feed industry, premixes in feeds have undergone great changes,

In order to make the grapes many times a year, mature or delayed, to extend the market sup

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