Causes and prevention methods of tomato leaf curl phenomenon

Leaf curling causes: Tomato leaves are divided into physiological leaf rolls and viral leaflets. Physiological rolling leaves: First, pruning, topping overweight, too few leaves left on the plants, the leaves will be rolled up; second, iron, manganese and other trace elements in the soil, the leaves rolled up; third, serious water shortage in the soil When the plants presented drought, the lower leaves curled, which was a physiological adaptive response to reduce water evaporation. The fourth was excessive nitrogen fertilizer, especially when the nitrate-nitrogen leaf curled.

The prevention method is: for the physiological roll leaf disease, should choose the terrain dry, well-drained plots planted, drainage in time after the rain, the pruning can not be too heavy; fertilizer should be appropriate. For viral leaf roll disease, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of pesticides to control leafhoppers. Anti-toxic roll leaf disease can be used in production.


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