The bright and tamper-proof formula did not report to the regulatory authorities. Shanghai Quality Supervision Department will punish

Shanghai Municipal Government announced yesterday that because it contained “milk mineral salt” components that are prohibited from being used in infant and young children's food, the industry and commerce departments have informed major supermarket stores to search for products under the company's “Little Bright Baby Cheese (Baby Cup)”. , off the shelf for the problem product.

In light of the fact that Guangming Company's arbitrarily changing product formulas did not report to the regulatory authorities, the Shanghai Quality Supervision Department will punish them according to law.

According to initial verification, since the middle of December 2011, Bright Dairy has arbitrarily added milk mineral salt to the "Little Bright Baby Cheese" product [Specification: 138g (6 glasses)] produced by its subsidiary, which is suspected of illegal addition. In 2009, the Ministry of Health approved milk mineral salt as a new resource food, and it was clarified that milk mineral salt was made from whey as raw material and was made by removing protein, lactose, etc., but “the scope of use does not include baby food”.

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