How to cure soy beans

Soybean meal is not true but refers to the formation of pods, the grain can not be formed normally, resulting in the phenomenon of empty pods, summer soy pods are particularly serious. There are many reasons why soybean pods are not true, such as differences in cultivars, excessive density, improper proportions of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, lack of trace elements, climatic factors, pest and disease damage, and repeated cropping, etc., all of which can cause grains to bulge and form pods. pod. The prevention of summer soybeans in production must be carried out from the following aspects:

Replacing crop rotations to establish a reasonable soil cultivation system to avoid double cropping can prevent soil nutrient imbalances, reduce the damage of pests and weeds, and reduce the rate of empty crops.

Increasing the use of organic fertilizers and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers as a single use of nitrogen fertilizers tends to lead to madness, which can lead to impropriety. After the emergence of summer soybean must be followed by a certain amount of organic fertilizer and ternary compound fertilizer. In the case of severe fields, application of P and K fertilizers should be added to reduce the amount of earthworms.

Reasonable irrigation should be timely irrigated and drought-proof in the case of drought and soil moisture, in order to meet the demand for water in the soybean grain and decrease the earthworms.

Spraying foliar fertilizer, soybeans, and boron deficiency can easily lead to oblivion. The production should be sprayed once every 10 days after the initial flowering period of soybean, borax 0.1%~0.2%, 0.5%~1% urea solution, spray 2~3 times; spraying potassium dihydrogen phosphate at full bloom 0.2%~0.5 %, it can not only prevent the plants from de-fertilizing, but also can prevent worms. Foliar fertilizer should be sprayed on a cloudy or sunny afternoon without wind, with spraying on the back of the leaves.

Attention should be paid to the prevention and control of pests and diseases. From the seedling stage of soybean, it is necessary to pay attention to the occurrence of aphids and to prevent and treat them early. During the flowering stage, special attention was paid to the prevention and control of downy mildew, gray spot disease, soybean borer, bean pod, and pod moth, which increased the rate of scarring.

Maize reasonably promotes big spikes

Maize plants from the jointing booting to the heading and flowering period, the fast growth rate, absorption of nutrients, is the key period of sucking fertilizer; after flowering and pollination, the absorption of nutrients, but the slow absorption rate. As far as corn is concerned, the nitrogen uptake in the seedling stage accounts for 9.7% of the total, 78.4% in the middle period and 11.9% in the later period. Therefore, the high yield of the summer corn must be grasped later in fertilization, early ear spikes, large spikes, and high yield.

It is the most suitable period for the application of joint-fertilizer in the full-leaf joint-fertilizer summer maize plant. This is when a large number of maize leaves are unfolding. The period during which the stems are rapidly elongating requires a large amount of fertilizer. In the leaf 9-leaf stage, soil nutrients cannot meet the needs of corn growth. At this time, we should seize the corn after 7-9 leaf joints before and after the jointing period to open the hole. The proper application of the seedlings should be delayed and applied less. The early application and reapplication of the thin seedlings should be carried out. Generally, 15 to 20 kg of ammonium per acre should be applied. Manure 500 to 750 kilograms.

The booting period of the booting stage is the period with the largest amount of water. The water requirement for plant growth during the booting stage of corn is about 27%~38% of the total water requirement during the whole growing period. The soil moisture during this period should be kept at 70% of the field water capacity. 75%, to adjust fertilizer with water, to meet the needs of corn growth and development of fertilizer and water.

Heavy panicle fertilizer topdressing panicle fertilizer can not only improve the efficiency of photosynthesis, promote the growth of the leaves on the panicle and several leaves above and below, but also can prolong the life of the leaves and promote the fullness of the grain. The application time of panicle fertilizer is related to the corn variety and soil fertility. In general, early maturing varieties have 15 to 16 visible leaves or 8 to 10 expanded leaves; medium and late-maturing varieties are suitable for 15 to 17 visible leaves or 11 to 12 unfolded leaves, with sufficient base fertilizer and vigorous growth. The plot can be applied with late panicle fertilizer. It is advisable to use a small number of plants in the whole field to start tasseling; the lean growth potential of basal deficiencies is poor, and panicle fertilizer should be applied early. The panicle fertilizer should use quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer. Generally, 25-35 kg of ammonium bicarbonate is applied per acre or applied to arable soil. If urea is used, 7.5-10 kg per mu can be used.

Waist Fixer

Wearing a lumbar fixation device is to limit the flexion of the lumbar spine and other movements, especially to assist the back muscles to limit some unnecessary forward flexion movements, so as to ensure that the damaged lumbar intervertebral disc can be fully rested locally.
For patients undergoing intervertebral foraminal surgery, due to local acute inflammatory reactions and irritation, muscle spasms may occur to varying degrees. Wearing a lumbar fixation device reduces lumbar activity and can play a role in strengthening protection.
Waist FixerLower Back Lumbar ProtectorRemovable Self-heating GasketA proper lumbar fixation device can limit excessive movement of the lumbar spine, provide higher stability for the spine, and provide excellent conditions for tissue repair. Therefore, the lumbar fixator worn by patients after intervertebral foraminal surgery needs to be able to provide adequate support and take care of comfort.

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