Soymilk 5 new ways to eat more nutritious

Soybean milk steamed rice

Soybean milk was made with soybeans, and slag was added. Soymilk was used instead of white water to cook rice in a rice cooker. The fragrant, delicious rice can give full play to the nutritional complement of beans and rice. This kind of rice is refreshing, nourishing and healthy in summer.

Soymilk porridge can cook porridge since it can cook rice. To remove the remaining rice that you do not know how to handle, double boil it into a thick porridge, and then add the same amount of soy milk and cook it for a few minutes. If you don't want to waste the dregs, you can also put them together. This porridge has the soothing fragrance of milk and the softness of rice porridge. It can be used as breakfast and it is also very good to have a supper!

Soft soymilk pancake flour is added into the soft bean dregs, then into an egg, spread in the pan, put some chopped green onion, made of soft pancakes, very convenient. The fiber, oligosaccharides, isoflavones, and minerals in bean dregs are used to their full potential, and don't mention how delicious it is. Remember that bean dregs are relatively loose, so the batter cannot be too thin.

The soymilk stalks are made of corn flour and have a hard texture. It is a good idea to add soymilk and bean dregs instead of water to make satsuki. One of the fibers has water absorption properties, and the soy lecithin makes the head soft. Add some eggs and millet flour to taste better. Because of the lack of lysine in the protein in corn, coupled with the soy milk, the nutritional value of Wotou is greatly improved.

Soymilk Steamed egg tarts use soy milk instead of water to steam egg tarts, but egg tarts are tender and slippery. The ratio is probably one egg and two or three servings of soybean milk. Other seasonings are added in the form of steamed egg tarts on weekdays, such as salt, cooking wine, pepper, chicken essence, sesame oil, etc., and shrimps, mushrooms, green onion, and parsley can also be added.

Eat more beans in the summer, can supplement the loss of B vitamins and potassium and magnesium elements, there are enough protein, is a good way to both delicious and nutritional.

Black bean charm milk suits the crowd: Business man material: 1/3 cup of black bean, 1/3 cup of red bean, 1/3 cup of green bean practice:

1. Soak black beans, red beans, mung beans in advance.

2. Mix the ingredients into the cup and wash them.

3. Add water to the upper and lower water level lines, turn on the power, select the "grain soy milk" button, and after 10 minutes the milk is ready.

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