Wine Store Marketing Strategy

Wine Store Marketing Strategy Step 1: Choose a good shop

The survey showed that 40% of the consumption motivation of wine is public money consumption, 22% is entertainment consumption, and 13% is personal drinking habits. The majority of wine consumers are: public funds spent by the government and enterprises; foreign citizens living in China, high-level white-collar workers in large and medium-sized enterprises, and hotel guests; this consumer group understands wine culture; young people.

Therefore, in order to solve this problem, it is necessary to ensure that there are adequate target consumer traffic within the radiation radius of the place of sale of the wine store or service radius. In order to solve this problem, the principle of “big money payment” can be adopted to achieve the “intensive effect”. That is, wine stores are opened near or within the existing strong terminals such as McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Carrefour, KTV, and Entertainment City, because the target consumer groups of their own target consumer groups and other terminals to which they are attached generally coincide with each other. Form an advantage to interact with it. In view of the high cost of independent rental stores, it is also possible to make up for the opening of “shop-in-shop” in the above strong terminals.

The second step: specialized store layout

The small wine cellar is a good choice for specialty shops in wine stores. Here, temperature, humidity, and placement methods can provide a platform for the protection and preservation of wine. The display of products should fully attract consumers' attractiveness and facilitate the consumers to walk, watch and touch. The entire experience of the consumer in the purchase process will be the key to whether the final operator can win the order. Other consumption "soft environments" can also contribute to the promotion of store image and profit realization, such as ground, walls, in-store inkjets, posters, opening up customer lounge areas and relaxing background music.

Step 3: Tailoring the Product Portfolio

The products provided by the wine store will mainly be high-end and middle-class wine products at home and abroad. Small batches, multiple brands, and more varieties provide consumers with diversified choices. Products should not only cover products from the old world, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, but also the United States, Canada, Australia, Chile and Argentina, New World (600,628, stock) wine, part of the high-end products of China's mainstream wine production companies It should also be included, which is mainly reflected in single-variety wines, vintages, and wines of origin.

Add personalized colors to the wine products in the store to suit the consumer needs of different occasions. For this reason, it is necessary for operators to learn some techniques for gift decoration and packaging, such as hand-made small gifts such as elaborate gift boxes, straws, and flower arrangements. Highlighting Personalization Designing wine gifts tailored to different occasions for different target consumers, in the process, operators can obtain "premium" resulting from personalization.

Step 4: Provide value-added services for customers

Alcohol consumption aids can provide another source of profit for wine stores. Wine culture has popular science books, newspaper clippings, photocopying materials, and interactive short articles. Consumers can not only purchase such data, but also read relevant data during the purchase process. This part of the product is not so much a product as an auxiliary promotional effort to help consumers make better choices. Wine glasses, bottle openers, sobering bottles, wine filters, cork grippers, ice buckets, wine glass mats, wine glass mats, cork stoppers, wine glass holders, wine thermometers, bottle labels, wine bottle holders, etc. Wine drinking aids or decorations can be used as the product form of the wine store. Moreover, the price of this part of the product is more opaque, which can bring no small profits to the monopoly terminal.

Step 5: Ingenious Application of Publicity

In a large number of product information channel studies, zero-point investigation company researchers found that word-of-mouth communication is an information channel that is frequently used by consumers and is trusted by consumers. In view of the fact that the wine culture has a narrower reality in the consumer environment, wine producers, wine distributors, and institutions of higher learning jointly organize “wine training for wine services” and share with other clubs and clubs with high-end users’ clubs and associations. Strengthen the penetration and influence of the monopoly terminal in all kinds of activities, and cultivate a group of opinion leaders step by step with conscious efforts, so as to realize the step-by-step incremental promotion effect. In other words, word-of-mouth communication will become the main promotional channel for wine stores.

Hot Pickled Fish Curd

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Fish Curd, Side Dish(Dried Day Lily, Rice Noodle), Tomato Sauce


1. Add 500ml of water along with tomato sauce pouch into a pot to boil.

2. Add the side dish into the pot and wait for 2-3 minutes

3. Add the fish curd into the boiling soup until they float(1-2minutes). Then pour the soup and the fish curd into a bowl before serving

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