Cucumber heating promotes detoxification

Cucumber crisp and refreshing, is the first choice for many people appetizing. However, the vast majority of people are based on raw food, glutinous soybean paste and salad. However, the president of Wuteng Xikou Hospital, Long Yoshihide, suggested that eating cucumbers after heating is more conducive to health.

Cucumber is rich in nutrients, including vitamin C, carotene, and potassium. It also contains ingredients that inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. Therefore, from the nutritional point of view, it is very suitable for everyone long-term consumption of vegetables.

However, cucumber is a cold food, 96% of the ingredients are water, can eliminate the body heat, with the role of detoxification. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cold foods are not conducive to the circulation of blood and will impede metabolism and cause various diseases. Therefore, even in the hot summer months, the president of the Long House constitution still recommends that people eat the cucumber after heating, not only to retain its swelling effect, but also to change its cool nature, to avoid adverse health effects for everyone .

The best way to eat cucumbers is to cook the cucumbers directly. Although the taste is slightly inferior to the frying, the nutritional value can be well preserved, and it can alleviate the summer swelling phenomenon. The most appropriate time to eat boiled cucumber is before dinner, be sure to pay attention before eating other meals. Because boiled cucumbers have a strong detoxification effect, if they are first introduced into the body, they can excrete the food fat and salt that are later absorbed. Adhere to this method can also play a role in reducing body weight. In addition, using cucumber soup is also a good choice.

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