Danger! Ten Mistakes in Eating Eggs

Eggs are common food in our lives. Incorrect eating has a bad influence on our health. In life, we should pay attention to the following misunderstandings.

Misunderstanding: The deeper the eggshell color, the higher the nutritional value

Many people buy eggs only to pick red shells, saying that the nutritional value of red shell eggs is high, but this is not the case. The color of the eggshell is mainly determined by a substance called "shell porphyrin," which has no nutritional value. Analysis shows that the nutritional value of eggs depends on the nutritional structure of the chicken.

The quality of the protein was evaluated mainly by the protein content in the protein (eg, egg white). From a sensory point of view, the thicker egg whites indicate that the higher the protein content, the better the quality of the protein.

The color of the egg yolk is deep and shallow, ranging from pale yellow to orange and yellow. The color of the yolk is related to the pigment it contains. The main pigments in the egg yolk are lutein, zeaxanthin, lutein, carotene, and riboflavin. The color of the yolk is usually only indicative of the amount of pigment. Some pigments such as lutein, carotene, etc. can be converted into vitamin A in the body. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the egg color with deeper yolk color is slightly better.

Misunderstanding 2: The eggs are the same as how to eat nutrition

Eggs are eaten in a variety of ways. They are boiled, steamed, fried and fried. Regarding the absorption and digestion rate of egg nutrition, boiled and steamed eggs are 100%, tender fried is 98%, scrambled eggs are 97%, poached eggs are 92.5%, old fried is 81.1%, and raw food is 30% to 50% . In view of this, cooking and steaming eggs should be the best way to eat.

Myth 3: Scrambled Eggs Give MSG Better

The egg itself contains a large amount of glutamic acid and a certain amount of chlorinated and sodium. After heating, these two substances will form a new product - sodium glutamate, which is the main component of MSG and has a very pure flavor. . If MSG is put on scrambled eggs, the umami taste produced by the decomposition of MSG will destroy the natural umami taste of the eggs themselves. Therefore, MSG should not be released when scrambled eggs.

Misunderstanding 4: The longer the boiled eggs, the better

To prevent the eggs from bursting during cooking, wash the eggs, soak them in a pot of water for 1 minute, and boil them with low heat. After switching on, use simmer for 8 minutes. Do not cook for too long, otherwise, the ferrous ions in the egg yolk will produce chemical reactions with the sulfide ions, the formation of ferrous sulfide brown precipitation, hinder the body's absorption of iron.

When the egg is boiled for too long, the ferrous ions in the egg yolk are combined with the sulfur ions in the protein to form insoluble ferrous sulfide, which is difficult to absorb. When fried eggs are too old, the edges will be scorched, and the macromolecule proteins contained in the egg white will become low-molecular amino acids. Such amino acids can often form chemicals that are unfavorable to human health at high temperatures.

Misunderstanding 5: Eggs and milk are high in nutrition

When you drink soymilk in the morning, you can eat an egg or cook eggs in soy milk. This is the eating habit of many people. Soymilk is sweet and sweet, contains many nutrients such as vegetable protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Drinking alone has a good tonic effect. However, one of the special substances called trypsin, combined with ovalbumin in egg white, can cause loss of nutrients and reduce the nutritional value of both.

Misunderstanding 6: "Functional eggs" are better than ordinary eggs

With the development of science and technology. Various "functional eggs" rich in zinc, iodine, selenium, and calcium are available. In fact, not all people are suitable for eating functional eggs. Because not everyone lacks the nutrients contained in functional eggs. Therefore, consumers should be targeted when selecting functional eggs, what they lack, and avoid blindly tonic.

Misunderstanding 7: Elderly people avoid eating eggs

Because eggs contain high cholesterol, it has been popular to say that older people should not eat eggs. Scientific experiments in recent years have proven that this argument is not justified.

The egg yolk contains rich lecithin, which is a powerful emulsifier. It can make cholesterol and fat particles very fine, and can be fully utilized by cells through the blood vessel wall, thereby reducing cholesterol in the blood. And lecithin in the egg yolk can be digested to release choline, and then into the bloodstream to synthesize acetylcholine. It is the main substance of neurotransmitters, which can improve brain function and enhance memory.

Misunderstanding 8: The more women eat eggs, the better

Maternal labor in the delivery process of physical exertion, digestion and absorption function weakened, liver detoxification function decreased, a large number of food will lead to liver and kidney burden, causing adverse consequences. Ingestion of too much protein, but also in the intestine produce a large number of ammonia, phenol and other chemical substances, toxic to the human body, prone to abdominal swelling, dizziness, limb weakness, coma and other symptoms, resulting in "protein poisoning syndrome ". Protein intake should be calculated based on the body's ability to digest and absorb proteins. In general, maternal eating about 3 eggs a day is enough.

Misunderstanding 9: Raw eggs are more nutritious

Some people think that eating raw eggs has lungs and nourishing effect. In fact, eating raw eggs is not only unhygienic, it can easily cause bacterial infections, and it is not more nutritious. Raw eggs contain avidin, which affects the absorption of biotin in food. It can easily lead to loss of appetite, general weakness, muscle pain, inflammation of the skin, and the loss of eyebrows such as "biotin deficiency." The protein structure of raw eggs is compact and contains antitrypsin. Most of them cannot be absorbed by the body. Only the cooked proteins become soft, which is more beneficial to human digestion and absorption.

In addition, raw eggs have a special smell, it can also cause central nervous system inhibition, so that the secretion of saliva, gastric juice and intestinal fluid and other digestive juices to reduce, resulting in loss of appetite, indigestion. Therefore, eggs should be eaten after high temperatures and do not eat unripe eggs.

Misunderstanding 10: Eggs and sugar cook together

In many places there is a habit of eating sugared eggs. In fact, egg and sugar cook together, will make egg protein amino acids to form fructosyl lysine conjugates. This substance is not easily absorbed by the body and can have adverse health effects.

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