Five Benefits of Fermented Ducks

With the application of the technology of raising pigs and raising chickens in the fermentation bed, it not only promotes the harmonious development of the breeding industry and the ecological environment, but also brings a lot of benefits to farmers. Can fermented ducks also play the same role? A farmer in Sichuan has been using duckweed dry-fermenting beds to raise ducks for many years. Practice has shown that fermented-bed ducks have the following five benefits:

First, clean and environmentally friendly

Whether it is the online duck shed or the ground duck, the smell is very large. The use of goldfish fermentation bed ducks can not smell the smell, the feces are decomposed by the microorganisms in the fermentation bed, there is no backlog of feces, the taste disappears naturally!

Second, greatly improved production performance

The fermentation bed ducks improved the inside and outside environment of the ducks, so the ducks raised by the goldfish fermentation can be slaughtered 45 days in advance. The duck on the fermentation bed, the ratio of material to meat is also very suitable, about 1.85:1, and the general duck meat ratio is about 2:1, 1 kg of material price is 1.25 yuan, so that the duck grows to 6 kg, at least Can save 7 cents. Therefore, the economic benefits are greatly improved.

Third, less sick

Ducks are most afraid of ducks, especially epidemics. However, there are billions of profitable and active bacteria per cubic meter in the Jinbao fermentation bed, which in turn reduces the breeding of vital bacteria. The number of ducks is less sick. In the winter, there are fewer colds. No antibiotics are needed for the entire course, and only general vaccination is required. A duck only spends 2 cents on drugs, but the ducks are very healthy and active. The death rate of ducks in the Jinbei fermentation bed is generally less than 4 ‰.

Fourth, save time and effort

Using a fermentation bed to raise ducks not only saves time but also reduces labor. Traditional ducks usually require excrement, such as a duck shed of more than 620 square meters, and three people can finish it well in two days. The use of goldfish fermentation bed requires that the bedding be turned only once a week. It can be turned over, and it is very clean. There is no excrement.

Fifth, do not keep warm

In winter, ducklings can be fed without warming. This is not possible with traditional methods. Using ducklings in a fermented bed, as long as the bedding is laid, a stove can be used to preheat the fermentation bed to generate heat. With the increase in excrement, It is sufficient to meet the temperature requirements of winter ducks. Generally, one winter, 300 kg of carbon will not be used. In the winter, the density can be appropriately increased. In summer, the density can be reduced. Conditional measures such as cooling fans and exhaust fans can be used to save the temperature. Investment in heating in winter, although litter investment is not small, but one-time investment can be used for 3 years.

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