Specific management measures for chicks after hatching

After hatching, chicks must be strengthened in management to eliminate the impact on the stress factors of chicks and to reduce deaths within 3 days. Specific management measures are as follows:

To prevent yolk sac infection (Omphalitis) after hatching, fumigation can be used to incubate hatchery and hatcher. Before dropping into the oyster shell, add 24 ml of formaldehyde plus 48 ml of water per cubic meter and fumigate with 20 ml of iodine for 3 minutes; add 14 ml of water and 28 ml of water before licking and sterilize.

To prevent egg yolk infection after hatching, select the hatching eggs to ensure that they are neat and tidy. After the hatching, the residence time in the box shall not exceed 12 hours. Within 40 hours after rushing to remove the shell, it shall be sent to the brooding room and be fed with warm boiled water in time. The relative humidity of the brooding room is 65% to 70%. For chickens or dehydrated chicks that have not been able to eat for more than 48 hours, they can drink or drip about 2 ml each with 10% glucose water before eating.

After the chicks are bred, the chicks should be placed in a hatchery with a temperature of 30°C ~ 32°C. The nighttime should be 1°C higher than the daytime. The indoor air should be fresh. A group of 50 to 100 chicks is used to prevent the chicks from squeezing. Observe whether the chicks have open mouths. If any, ventilate immediately. If suffocation is found, the wounded chicks should be immediately separated and placed on a ventilated and warm indoor table to be rescued. After recovery, 10% glucose water is replenished and stored in a box.

Weak young nurses should not keep the weak chicks warm in the hatcher, otherwise the weak chicks will become dry due to prolonged exposure to high temperature, low humidity, and rapid airflow.

The shipment of chicks in early spring shipments of chicks requires both protection from the cold and lack of oxygen in the chicks due to excessive closure. In summer, shipment of chicks should be prevented from heat radiation caused by solar radiation. During the long-term transportation, the condition of the chicks should be constantly checked and the chicks should be given water if necessary.

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