Food can also treat insomnia

Modern medicine has confirmed that diet is the best treatment for insomnia, superior to sleeping pills, and has no side effects.

Use food to treat insomnia

Introduce the number for trial:

(1) One tablespoon of vinegar, pour it into a glass of cold boiled water, and sleep hypnoticly and sleep sweetly.

(2) Those who suffer from insomnia often use lotus seeds, longan, lily and glutinous rice (corn millet) to congee the porridge.

(3) blood deficiency insomnia, you can often serve wolfberry powder, or use a small amount of fire and add honey to eat; can also be used longan meat 10g, red dates 5 to the nuclear, steamed eggs, one for eating, once daily.

(4) Those with guilty conscience, hyperhidrosis, and insomnia should be cut open with a pig heart and be loaded with Codonopsis pilosula and Angelica each with 25 grams of steamed, decocted, eaten pig heart and soup, which has good effect.

(5) For insomnia caused by high blood pressure, 50g of plantain root and 100g of lean meat are used together to induce hypnosis to fall asleep.

(6) Patients with restlessness and insomnia, take banana root 50g, pig lean meat 100g, cook and take it, can sleep hypnosis.

(7) In patients with insomnia with neurasthenia, it is advisable to take 1 tablespoon of lettuce slurry and dissolve it in a glass of water. Since this creamy white juice has a sedative and tranquilizing function, it has certain hypnotic effects.

(8) Eat an apple before going to sleep. Or put a peeled or cut citrus on the nightstand to let insomniars smell their aromas, calm the central nervous system and help fall asleep.

(9) The amount of onion smashed into the bottle is good, sniffing his breath on the pillow before going to sleep, usually after a moment can fall asleep.

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