What should pay attention to autumn maintenance

One, windproof

After the autumn and warm season, the temperature difference between day and night gradually increased after August and September. Although the temperature during the day stayed high, it was a breezy night. Therefore, when the fall comes, windproof work is very important.

Summer is greedy and cool. Many people like to sleep on the mat and open the air conditioner for a long time. The body has gradually adapted to this environment. Seasonal changes are quiet and silent. Many times when we detect it, the autumn wind has inflicted damage on the body. Some chronic rheumatism, arthritis, etc. are related to climate change and autumn wind damage.

Second, go dry

Qiuzao is the most obvious change in our body in autumn. High body temperature, dry lips, irritable mood, and loss of appetite all have a direct relationship with Qiuzao.

The main reason for Qiuzao is that the rain gradually decreases, the air becomes dry, and the anger in the human body increases. If the fire in the body is not properly evacuated, people will get angry. When it is serious, it will cause other diseases. Eat more pears in the fall can effectively solve the problem of Qiuzao, you can also drink a little honey water, vitamin supplements.

Third, to restore bacteria

Gastrointestinal problems are also one of the seasonal illnesses in autumn. In summer, cold and cool foods are eaten, and our gastrointestinal gradually adapts to the eating habits of the hot season. When the temperature in the fall turns cold, it's easy to diarrhea with a little carelessness.

For most people, the gastrointestinal problems have a lot to do with the imbalance of the internal flora. Therefore, proper supplementation of intestinal beneficial bacteria at this time can effectively alleviate the gastrointestinal problems. Flavored full-activity lactic acid bacteria drinks contain 30 billion active lactic acid bacteria per 100 milliliters. After each meal, they consume 100 milliliters of flavored whole lactic acid bacteria, which can ensure the stomach and stomach survive the summer and autumn.

Fourth, quit cold

After the fall, although the daytime is still hot, but the overall temperature gradually turns cold, so pay attention to cold and cool.

Many people do not cover the quilt during the summer nights and change in the fall. In many cases, diarrhea is caused by the coldness of sleeping at night. For some old-fashioned friends, special protection is needed in the fall. Do not use direct showers with cool water. Especially need to explain to female friends, do not use cold water to wash your legs and feet.

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