Bananas can't eat with anything


Banana bogey and sweet potato, taro, potatoes, sweet potatoes with food.

Bananas must not be eaten with milk and poisoned.

Bananas cannot be eaten with sour milk and are prone to carcinogens.

Don't eat watermelon and bananas at night will diarrhea.

Bananas must not be eaten with potatoes. Old people eat senile plaques, young people have color spots, and butterfly spots.

The steamed buns cannot be eaten with bananas, and the abdomen goes up.

If you eat beef, do not eat bananas and you will have stomach cramps.

Spleen and stomach Deficiency, loose stools diarrhea should not eat more, raw food, acute and chronic nephritis and renal insufficiency who do not eat.

Massage Gun

You want – nay, need – a massage. You've spent the past year either perched on a dining chair or supine on your sofa, and it hasn't done your back/neck/wellbeing any favours. Ditto your decision to jump spine-first into bodyweight exercises.

Problem is, the idea of sharing a small room with a touchy-feely stranger right now fills you with understandable dread. No amount of Enya or incense could allow you to relax. That's why we've rounded up the best percussive massage guns on the market; deep soft tissue manipulators that help recovery, decrease soreness, improve circulation, address posture issues and help you get more out of your muscles. They're also pretty enjoyable, too.

So how do massage guns work? Well, they`re designed to combat muscle soreness and aid recovery. It`s a deep tissue massage of sorts, achieved through rapid percussive movements that stimulate muscles, enhance blood flow and soften knots. You can use them while warming-up or post-work out, and they feel pretty good too, hitting at all the right pressure points that can enhance the production of endorphins. At the very least, massage guns can provide some short-term relief for problem areas.

[They may often look like power tools, but the benefits of massage gun include decreased muscle tension, relaxed muscles, and promoted blood flow," says Dr Daniel Giordano, CMO of Bespoke Treatments. [We use one on a daily basis, and it can be used before, during or after a work-out."

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