The best egg increase measures for laying hens

What should I do if there is no peak period in layer? The form of expression is usually reduced by high temperature intake, low temperature intake, no other chicken symptoms, and large groups of chickens are normal. The best egg increase measures used are the following:

(1) Increase feed nutrient concentration, especially metabolic energy level, because energy determines egg production rate, and add 250 grams of enzymes (high-energy enzymes) and US enzymes per ton of feed (equivalent to the release of metabolic energy from 10 to 15 kilograms of vegetable oil).

(2) Micro-ecological preparations (Yiwei Liwei) are added to the feed to adjust the balance of the intestinal flora and improve the feed conversion rate.

(3) Multidimensional (Wei Li Li Po) drinking water.

(4) The traditional Chinese medicine egg Gao Le or promote egg 100 spices, promote follicular development.

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