How to eat vinegar

Old vinegar, with the characteristics of the general vinegar acid alcohol, strong flavor, long taste and other characteristics, at the same time, also has a fragrant, cotton, non-precipitation characteristics.

In addition, the longer the acid storage time, the more sour and sour, and the human taste. Moreover, the summer is not mildew, winter is not frozen, dark orange color, Shanxi vinegar in a unique style, quality and excellent products.

Old vinegar can treat bone hyperplasia generally has no obvious side effects, no obvious damage to the original bone,

(1) In the acute phase, the pain is aggravated, and the amount of activity of the affected joints should be minimized. The patient can appropriately rest in bed and reduce the mechanical stimulation of the affected joints through rest. This not only prevents the symptoms from further aggravation but also dissipates the inflammation. Create a good condition. To use medication as soon as possible, the use of oral and topical drug therapy to control the development of the disease.

(2) In the recovery period, to avoid moisture, cold and other environmental factors to stimulate, because of these adverse environmental factors on the joints, muscles, nerves and other tissues can induce inflammation, but also to avoid overwork, overwork will stimulate The joints and surrounding tissues are re-inflammated, causing recurrence of the disease. In addition, outdoor activities and exercise can be appropriately increased to avoid long-term bed rest. For patients who work in a fixed position for a long period of time, care should be taken to shift their position during breaks.

(3) The prevalence of osteoarthritis increases with age. To ensure the normal needs of the elderly's bone metabolism, the calcium intake of the elderly should be increased compared with the average adult, and high calcium foods should be eaten, such as more food Milk, eggs, soy products, vegetables and fruits are necessary to add calcium. Also increase the intake of multiple vitamins, such as vitamins A and D. Obese patients should control their diet and increase their activities to lose weight, so as to help reduce joint weight and restore the disease.

Salted Kelp

Salted Kelp

The so-called original ecological kelp means that we pack the young kelp with saturated salt water directly after washing without any preservatives.Original ecological products are the favourite of housewives.

Salted kelp:

How to eat:

  • Soaking about 30 minutes to moderate salty
  • Cook . make salad or add to hot pot after draining the wate

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The difference between deep sea kelp and traditional ordinary kelp

Nutrational Effects

kelp seaweed

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