Method for brewing Liuan melon tablets

Lu'an Guai is a treasure of China's famous tea. It is brewed with a glass of Liu'an melon. It has a unique flavor and rich aftertaste. However, it is particularly important as a technique for making tea with famous tea. Good tea, good water, proper temperature, and skillful skills can be followed by a good cup of tea. Here's how to make a pot of fragrant tea.

1, Run tea

First use a little water to moisten the tea. Of course, the water temperature is generally 80°C because the leaves of the spring tea are tender. If the tea is brewed with 100°C, the tea will be damaged, and the tea soup will turn yellow, and the taste will become bitter and astringent.

2, shake the incense

"Shake the incense" can make the tea aroma fully play, so that the content of the tea is fully dissolved into the tea soup.

3, leading rhyme

Wait for the tea soup to cool to taste, taste the taste of tea soup, should be small mouth taste, slowly swallowing, so that the tea soup and the taste buds of the full contact, carefully appreciate the charm of famous tea.

4, tea

“Liangansankai” uses tongue and nose at the same time. It can taste the tea aroma from the tea soup and make people feel refreshed. This is an open tea and focuses on the taste of tea and the savory taste of tea. Drink more than one-third of the amount of water that is still in the cup of tea (when it's not suitable to drink it all), add water again, and then call the second tea. If the brewing tea is famous for its strong tea, the second tea is rich in soup, and the tongue will return to the sweet after the drink. The aftertaste will be endless, and the cheek will remain fragrant and the body and mind will be comfortable. Drink to three to open, the general tea taste is already light, continue to drink again to appear to be light and tasteless.

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