Can pregnant women eat longan?

Longan is a nutrient-rich food, but it is a "forbidden fruit" for pregnant women. The doctor believes that the longan is warm, sweet, and Gan Wen can easily help the fire and move the fetus. After eating, pregnant women are prone to cause qi balance and cause miscarriage or premature delivery. Severe will also endanger the lives of pregnant women and fetuses.

When do pregnant women eat longan?

Longan peeled and dried, then dried longan. Although longan and longan are not edible during pregnancy, longan and longan are beneficial to pregnant women, and its nutrient can help the mothers to produce successfully.

What is the effect of pregnant women eating longan?

Although the longan can nourish qi and blood, benefiting the heart and spleen, but it is warm and sweet, can help the fire and dryness, and those who have yin deficiency heat should not be used. In terms of lost pregnant women, the Chinese medicine doctor summarized its secondary physiological changes as follows: "Yang often lacks, Yin often not enough." As pregnant women after conception, the Yin blood gathered to raise the child. Therefore, most of them lead to partial deficiency of blood and Yin; yin deficiency often reproduces internal heat, and pregnant women often present with symptoms of dry stools, dry mouth, dry mouth, hot heart, hot red tongue, and fetal hyperstimulation. Therefore, doctors generally have: "Pre-fetal should be cool", commonly used some cool, nourishing medicine ideas. The doctors believe that the longan is warm and sweet, and Ganwen can easily help the fire and move the fetus. The qi balance of a pregnant woman causes her stomach to turn upside down and vomiting. When she gets old, she loses her yin, causing a thermal image, causing her abdominal pain and symptoms of threatened abortion that “sees redness,” which can lead to miscarriage or premature delivery.

What happens when pregnant women accidentally eat longan?

There is no way to deal with it. If you eat a lot, it is advisable to consult your doctor about the solution.

Can pregnant women eat longan?

Do not eat longan pregnant women, do not eat dried longan longan tonic. You can eat some heat or nourishing yin or clear-blown medicine or food.

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